I am a certified equine therapist in osteopathy, physiotherapy, dry needling and organetik (bioresonance).

Tension in the muscles and joint blockages lead to pain and limit the horse’s mobility and motivation.

Treatment restores and improves the flexibility of the body which increases well-being and optimizes performance.


I use 3 complementary treatment methods which focus on relieving muscle tension

(the main reason behind restrictions in the movement of your horse).


NeuroStim M21 

Vibration generated by the device relieves muscle tension throughout the body resulting in improved movement and optimizing the benefits of further treatment.

Dry Needling 

Tense knots in the tissue are resolved through the targeted use of sterile needles thereby encouraging healthy and powerful muscles.


Through gentle but effective manipulation of the affected bone, blocked joints are returned to their original position.

             Ruth Mayer - Pferdetherapie

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